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Get A Grip On Your GPS


The GPSQuickClip is sublime in its simplicity, the smartest complement to your GPS or laser rangefinder device. It weighs a mere 2.7 ounces and measures just 3-1/2" long x 1-3/4" wide x 1-1/8" deep. Conveniently stored in your pocket or golf bag, the GPSQuickClip is ready whenever you hit the course. Just "click it" to your golf cart roof support, and it will safely give you "hands free" operation right where you need it.

The GPSQuickClip (patent pending) was designed for golfers by a golfer. It's proof that necessity really is the mother of invention. You'll wonder how you ever lived without a GPSQuickClip. Consider the investment you have in your sophisticated golf GPS or laser rangefinder device. The GPSQuickClip will pay for itself in its ease of use and convenience your next game out.

Click here for the GPSQuickClip Instruction Sheet.

GPSQuickClip Color Chart
(Actual Color May Vary)

A Perfect Fit For Your Electronic Golf Device

GPS Systems

The GPSQuickClip is fully and instantly compatible with all GPS units that feature a belt clip, including:

  • Skycaddie - all models
  • Garmin - Approach G3 and G5, GolfLogix
  • GolfBuddy - all models
  • Bushnell - Neo, XGC, and all Yardage Pro models

For golf GPS units that do not come with an integrated belt clip tab, we supply the tab so your unit will work with the GPSQuickClip. These models include:

  • OnPar - all models
  • Calloway - uPro
  • GolfBuddy Platinum
  • Izzo - Swami

Laser Rangefinder Systems

The GPSQuickClip will also work with most laser rangefinder systems that have a standard threaded tripod mount. We supply the tripod mount screw/belt clip:

  • Bushnell - V2, all models
  • Calloway/Nikon - LR800 and LR1200
IMPORTANT NOTE: Some rangefinders will not work with the standard single magnet GPSQuickClip because they are too heavy - nearly one pound. However, upon request we can furnish a heavy-duty double magnet model that safely and securely holds these heavier laser rangefinders. These models include:
  • Bushnell - 1600 Slope, Tournament and Medalist models

Also, Some laser rangefinders that are not compatible with the GPSQuickClip "right out of the box" because they do not come with a tripod mount. These models include:

  • Bushnell PinPro
  • Calloway/Nikon LR550 and ID Tech models
  • Leica Pinmaster
  • Leupold - all models
  • Opti-Logic

However, all of these "lightweight" (7.8 oz or less) laser rangefinders are easily, simply and securely adaptable to the GPSQuickClip. Please Contact Us for details.


Download Your Rangefinder Instructions

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What Our Customers Are Saying

"I LOVE my Quick Clip!!!  It's probably one of the best "golf gadgets" I've ever gotten. I love the fact that I don't have to use my cart cup holders or anything else to keep up with my Skycaddie. The biggest pluses for me are the easy way it connects to the cart, the ease of removing my Skycaddie for use during the round and the fact that my cart partner (usually my husband) can see my Skycaddie when we are playing together.

The other big plus for me is the wonderful customer service you have provided. When I upgraded my Skycaddie (to the new GSX version), you were quickly able to send me a new clip for the back so it would fit my current Quick Clip-all at no charge to me!  I'm excited about the new colors coming out-the biggest problem I have is remembering to remove my Quick Clip at the end of the round!"

Jane G
Columbia, SC

Compatible With:

  • Skycaddie
  • Garmin
  • GolfBuddy
  • SonoCaddie
  • Bushnell
  • OnPar
  • Callaway


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