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Frequently Asked Questions About the GPSQuickClip


Why should I use a GPSQuickClip?

There are many reasons why the GPSQuickClip is the essential accessory for your GPS or laser rangefinder device. Here are just a few:

  • Can be used with any golf GPS or laser rangefinder unit.
  • Much simpler to use and more secure than "clamp" type cart mounts.
  • Attaches and detaches from the cart in one second or less.
  • Can be used as a permanent or temporary cart mount.
  • Virtually indestructible; no moving parts to come loose or wear out with time.
  • Lightweight and small enough to stow in your golf bag between games.
  • Easily fits in your pocket.
  • Keeps your GPS screen right in front of you so that it can be easily seen.
  • No fumbling with a belt clip release tab when you want to take your GPS or rangefinder on the course (great for "cart path only" days) or to the tee on par 3s.
What makes the GPSQuickClip hold on so well?

A lightweight neodymium magnet with 50 pounds of pull securely holds the standard GPSQuickClip to the support post of any golf cart. By request, we also offer a "heavy duty" double magnet for rangefinders that are particularly heavy.

How does my GPS or laser rangefinder attach to the GPSQuickClip?

Most (if not all) of the popular GPS models come with a belt clip tab/button attached to the back of the unit. Simply slide your GPS into the keyhole slot on the GPSQuickClip and it's safely in its cradle. Many, but not all, laser rangefinders (Nikon, Bushnell, Calloway by Nikon, Leica and Leupold) have a standard threaded tripod mount. We include a screw-to-belt-clip adapter tab that makes it easily compatible with the GPSQuickClip.

What if my GPS doesn't have a belt clip tab or button, or my rangefinder doesn't have a threaded tripod mount?

We'll include a belt clip tab/button along with a 3M VHB removable adhesive disk to attach to your device. Easy instructions are included. The 3M disk holds like crazy glue, but can be removed any time... but only when you want to remove it!

What if I manage to break my GPSQuickClip?

The GPSQuickClip has been manufactured to high standards for a lifetime of service. But if, for some reason, it happens to break, we offer a full lifetime warranty. Just ship the magnet (as proof) back to us and we'll send a brand new GPSQuickClip to you for just the cost of shipping.

What if I don't like my GPSQuickClip?

If you don't love your GPSQuickClip for any reason, and you purchased it directly from us, simply return it to us with a copy of your PayPal invoice. If possible, please include an explanation of what it is that you don't like...we're always open to improving the device. We'll refund your full purchase price. Please note, however, that if you purchased your GPSQuickClip through a pro shop or other golf supply retailer, you'll need to contact them and return it according to their return policies.

Will the magnet cause any errors in the accuracy of my GPS or laser rangefinder?

There's been no scientific evidence that a magnetic field causes any changes to the global positioning system satellite signals. We've experimented with almost every golf GPS unit on the market and found them to be perfectly accurate when used with the GPSQuickClip. In fact, most GPS devices are used in magnetic fields all the time (cars, boats, near other electronic devices, etc.) Think about it.if there was a magnetic field issue with any GPS, they would essentially be unusable.

How and where is the GPSQuickClip made?

The GPSQuickClip is fully manufactured in the USA using American made materials.

If I order my GPSQuickClip today, how long will it take to get to me?

If you order directly from us, we typically ship within 24 hours of receiving an order, often the same day that you place the order. Depending on which shipping option you chose, you could have your GPSQuickClip as fast as you need it. When you order from other retailers, their shipping policies will dictate how fast you get it.

How can I get copy of the Instruction Sheet if lost?

Click here to view or print a copy.


Download Your Rangefinder Instructions

How Foolproof Is The 3M Tape?

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I absolutely LOVE my QuickClip! prior to having it I always had a problem with having my Sky Caddie available when I needed it because I couldn't wear it on my belt (don't use a belt!)  Now all I have to do is glance at it as I get out of my cart and I know exactly what club to use...  Thanks for making my golf game even more enjoyable."

Karen C.
Enfield, CT

Compatible With:

  • Skycaddie
  • Garmin
  • GolfBuddy
  • SonoCaddie
  • Bushnell
  • OnPar
  • Callaway


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